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It’s extremely important to us that the people we buy houses from have a top notch experience while selling us their house. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, take a look at what others have said about us. We’ve got a few testimonial videos to share and we hope some, or at least one of them, resonate with you!

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Newbyginnings Cash for Houses Dallas Review Carla

“We were ready to have a new beginning, go our separate ways, restart our lives and move on with everything. Mike was personable, very friendly and always helpful. Absolutely loved it. [He] made me feel very comfortable. The sale went very smooth; I had never done anything like this before. Everything was perfectly done. I definitely would recommend Newbyginnings.”

- Carla H - Seagoville TX
Newbyginnings Cash for Houses Dallas Review Justin

The house was too much, it was a hassle to keep up with by myself. It was time to get rid of it. [Newbyginnings] was quick. It was easy. You were upfront and honest. It felt more personal. It was easy to get in contact with you and easy to talk to you.”

- Justin B - McKinney TX
Newbyginnings Cash for Houses Dallas Review Kelley

Professionalism. [Newbyginnings] is fantastic! When we setup our appointment, you were on time, came prepared and were able to sit down and explain things about your company and goals… Everything was put together. It was done when you said it was going to be done and quickly! Fast! It was a pleasure!”

- Kelley S - Plano TX
Newbyginnings Cash for Houses Dallas Review Jennifer

“It was a good decision. We just got married so it made more sense to sell the house so we could start our own lives together. No hassles, no frills. It was very smooth, very quick, very honest. No haggling and going back and forth. You guys [Newbyginnings] knew exactly what you’re talking about when it came to the comps [comparable sales] in the area. So [we] trusted the fact that you guys had our best intentions in mind when it came to selling the home. It was quick and fast. We were looking for something stress-free and headache free, and be able to turn and sell within a timely manner.” 

- Jennifer D & Damion N - Garland TX
Newbyginnings Cash for Houses Dallas Review Cheryl

“You [Newbyginnings] got right back to me. You came in, you sat down and you talked to me as a person. You were really interested in what my situation was and how you could help me. That blew my mind because I was just praying you could help me. That was a really cool dynamic to have somebody talk to me like a person and not just a dollar sign.

- Cheryl M - Garland TX
Newbyginnings Cash for Houses Dallas Review Darren

“I didn’t use [the house]. It was a family situation that I needed to get out of and the best thing to do was just sell [the house]. You were courteous, quick to respond and willing to work with me with the schedule and time. You had integrity and you did everything you said you were going to do.

- Darren H - Rowlett TX
Newbyginnings Cash for Houses Dallas Review Brenda

“I [was] in the process of a divorce and I needed to sell my house fast so we could split the proceeds. I appreciated how easy it was to work with you [Newbyginnings]. You made the offer. I had to think about it [and] you gave me no pressure at all in making a decision. You just left it up to me, but any time I had a question you were there to answer it. The whole process was just really smooth.

- Brenda B - Murphy TX
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